Oct 15

Broken Bells: “The Ghost Inside”


The Death Star seemed so harmless in its earliest stages…

I had meant to post a Broken Bells song a long time ago, and now that we’re on the brink of Halloween it seemed like a good time to get one in and do a Halloween-themed song at the same time. In title, anyway. “The Ghost Inside,” from their 2010 self-titled debut album, isn’t so much a song about ghosts but, when you think about it, the idea of a “ghost inside” is kind of creepy…we’re all sort of ghosts inhabiting bodies, after all, aren’t we? [Chill runs up spine.]

Broken Bells is a part-time side project of Shins leader James Mercer and Brian Burton, better known as producer/DJ/songwriter/performer/artist/what-have-you Danger Mouse. They’re a really fascinating combination, as they bring out sounds and songs in each other that they would have been unlikely to get on their own. I highly recommend the entire album, if you happen to have missed it when it came out. I also highly recommend getting an extra-large bag of mini Twizzlers and Kit Kats, because they’ll be really tasty when you have some left over after all the trick-or-treaters have come and gone.

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