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About a Boy -- Badly Drawn Boy

But it’s not about a badly drawn boy.

I doubt anyone would really notice this other than me, but I very nearly have gone my first full month without a blog post! Shame on me. But in the nick of time, I caught myself and am doing a realllly quick one. The nice thing for me about this one, though, is that in the racking of the brain I was doing to decide what song I should write about for this last-minute hail-mary of a post, I happened to turn to an album I had just been listening to again recently: Badly Drawn Boy’s 2002 album, About a Boy, which served as the soundtrack to the movie of the Nick Hornby book of the same name. And I realized I’ve never posted a Badly Drawn Boy song on Reselect. Not only is it About a Boy, it’s about a-time! (Sorry.)

About a Boy is my favorite album by BDB (real name, Damon Gough) — a consistently inspired, and often inspiring, collection of songs. The song “River, Sea, Ocean” is the first song that springs to mind when this album springs to mind — it’s the song I most look forward to getting to on the album. (Isn’t there a song like that on every album?) It always lightens my mood — it feels like a jazzy throwback to the swinging London scene of the Sixties, in some more modern acoustic sense. It’s a spritely ditty, a great song to usher in spring, even if it isn’t feeling like it yet in your neck of the woods. Maybe this will help get you ready for when it really hits…

Okay, I’m out: it’s nearly April!

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