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I haven’t ever gone this long without a post on Reselect, and if I had to point a finger at one cause, I’d say it’s due to a certain amount of uncertainty about what are certainly the most uncertain times we’ve had to deal with in America in my lifetime. So I guess you could say I wasn’t sure how to proceed. Do I post angry songs in reaction to the insanity that is the Trump era so far, or do I go the opposite way and try to be especially upbeat? Well, ultimately, I think I’ll just do what I did before, and post about whatever inspires me at the moment.

Today, I am inspired by International Women’s Day, and the “Day without Women” strike, intended to show men just how ridiculous it is to treat women with anything less than the same respect that they treat themselves. And I’m in full solidarity with that: men need to let women make their own choices about their bodies, need to pay women the same that they’d pay themselves for the same jobs, and need to accept the fact that women are just as intelligent, creative, and hard-working as men (and really, from my experience, quite often more of all those things than men). To put it succinctly: women rock.

Life without women (if that was even biologically possible) would be no life at all. And I thought that Harry Nilsson’s 1971 cover of Badfinger’s “Without You” would be a pretty ideal song to emphasize that. (I thought about using Badfinger’s original, but kind of prefer Nilsson’s version — I think it nails the passion of the situation.)

So to all the women in my life, and to all women who make this world a better place: thank you.

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