About Reselect


Thanks for stopping by…this is my music blog, Reselect. I’ll be digging through my favorite songs and artists and posting a song every weekday for the simple reason that I think it’s a great song and worth highlighting. Mainly I expect that I’ll be focusing on songs from the past, but I may also include occasional new discoveries. It’s just stuff that makes me feel good for one reason or another. Think of it as an ongoing Internet mixtape.

My hope is that readers will find Reselect because I’ve featured an artist or song that’s a favorite of theirs, and then in the process of exploring the other songs here will come upon something they weren’t already familiar with and discover a new favorite.

However it turns out, I plan to have fun with it and hope you’ll enjoy it too…but given the subjectivity of musical tastes, I’m sure there will be times that we’ll agree to disagree. And that’s okay. I hope to learn a few things along the way as well.

By the way, for you Kindle users, you can now have the text of Reselect.com sent directly to your Kindle each day.

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