Jul 13

Wire / R.E.M.: “Strange”

R.E.M. -- Document

I’ve heard of Chanel No. 5, but “R.E.M. No. 5”? Not sure I want to know what that scent is like…

As mentioned in yesterday’s post of Wire’s “Ex Lion Tamer,” one of the many groups influenced by Wire’s debut album, Pink Flag (and Wire on the whole), was R.E.M. And to honor Wire’s influence on them, R.E.M. covered the great “Strange” (also on Pink Flag) on their 1987 album, Document. It’s an excellent cover, meshing well with the brasher sound R.E.M. began toying with on Document. And of course, it’s an excellent song to begin with, so everyone’s happy. And shiny. And strange. I could go on, but instead, let’s just listen to the music and enjoy, shall we?

Wire (1977)

R.E.M. (1987)

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