Feb 13

Outkast: “Happy Valentine’s Day”

Outkast -- Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

“Cupid 3000” (right) knows a thing or 2 about L.U.V….

In the realm of Valentine’s Day-related songs — and of course I don’t simply mean “love songs” — there aren’t many that are more amusing than “Happy Valentine’s Day,” by Outkast, from their 2003 double CD, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (wow, can it already have been 10 years since “Hey Ya!”?). For that matter, there aren’t many that are any funkier either. Over a James Brown-like guitar riff and a very Prince-ly percussive beat, Andre 3000 plays the part of Cupid — a very frustrated Cupid, that is. He’s had it up to here with getting second billing to such other holiday luminaries as Santa, the Easter Bunny . . . and even the lesser holidays:

You won’t believe in me,
But you would fancy leprechauns or groundhogs.
No thank you, Easter Bunny!
There’s so much fuss about Santa Claus,
But see, Cupid will not be defeated!

The real humor lies in Andre’s deadpan delivery: Cupid’s serious — he’s not f*&%ing around! (Although in the song’s fadeout, it seems that Cupid may be ready to throw up his hands and give up the fight…)

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