Sep 12

Moby Grape: “Hey Grandma”

Moby Grape

By the time they got this shot at the photo shoot, Jerry Miller (front left) really had to pee.

Last (Cover) Friday’s Moby Grape/Golden Palominos post of “Omaha” was so well received that I’m inspired to post another Moby Grape song, one that I was very close to posting instead of “Omaha” (albeit not as a cover, although one may indeed have been recorded by someone). But instead of picking between the two, who ever said that I couldn’t do both? No one! Certainly not me, anyway.

So here’s “Hey Grandma,” the song that in a sense first introduced the music world (at least those who were paying attention) to Moby Grape, as it’s the leadoff track of their debut album, 1967’s Moby Grape. I may have been brought to Moby Grape by “Omaha,” but it was “Hey Grandma” that made me fall in love with it. It’s a fantastic rocker, tightly constructed with great harmonies, guitar leads, and a bridge/chorus that wraps itself around your brain and won’t let go for days.

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