Jul 12

Ash: “Girl from Mars”

Ash -- 1977

Interestingly, Foreigner’s “Double Vision” came out in 1978.

Northern Ireland’s Ash is a band that seemed to come and go from my music radar quite quickly after I got their great debut album, 1977, back in 1996. Fact is, they’ve released a number of albums since, and apparently are still working together. I do have one more of those albums, 2001’s also-very-good Free All Angels, but it’s 1977 that left the most indelible impression. It’s an excellent, high-energy power-pop/post-punk album, resembling Teenage Fanclub, Weezer, and the Ramones, with an occasional splash of Sonic Youth. I think more people know their sound than would realize it if you simply asked them if they know Ash — many of the album’s songs are perfect movie/commercial/videogame soundtrack songs, and I’m pretty sure they’ve been used that way a number of times (although I couldn’t tell you where).

“Girl from Mars” is a fast and furious ditty, with silly lyrics that don’t mean a lot but are all part of the song’s fun.

Do you remember the time I knew a Girl From Mars?
I don’t know if you knew that.
Oh we’d stay up late playing cards,
Henri Winterman Cigars.
And she never told me her name,
I still love you, the Girl From Mars.

After all, it’s not the kind of song you’re looking for serious insights from, it’s just a great summer song that bops along at a great pace, great for those days when you’re zipping along on your rollerblades through the park. Well, it might be, anyway: I’ve never rollerbladed in my life and doubt I ever will. Rather, let’s just call it another great driving song…

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