May 12

Comment Spam of the Week: May 7-11


This week’s short but sweet comment spam of the week is courtesy of “Rams Football,” regarding my Dukes of Stratosphear/Pink Floyd “Bike Ride to the Moon”/”Bike” post. I was excited at first to think that the entire St. Louis Rams football team was reading Reselect and had a comment for me, and were maybe even XTC fans, but then I went to the link with the comment, and sadly, it was an imaginary sports P2P site. “Imaginary” because it had info about some supposed P2P site there, but there was no actual method offered to join up or, for that matter, do anything except read the text. Rams Football indeed. See if I support them anymore.

But a comment is a comment, and I take them all to heart and give them the utmost of consideration, so here’s what the pseudo-Rams had to say:

It’s hard to locate knowledgeable people today on this topic, but you sound like you know what you might be talking about! Thanks!

Oh yes, Rams, I often know what I might be talking about! Now if only I knew what I actually do talk about…

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