May 12

Comment Spam of the Week: April 30-May 4


This week’s Comment Spam of the Week is an especially confused but thankful missive from “Rikererikern” (I think he’s a Viking), commenting on my post about “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding.” His spam link refers us to a site about anti-aging creams — which I found a bit confusing because if you’re a Viking in this day and age, I’m pretty sure you’ve got to be immortal. So it would go to reason that Rikki (I only call him that because I know it bugs him) would be the last person to need anti-aging creams. But I suppose that wouldn’t stop him from selling them — even immortals have to make a living, after all.

Anyway, Rikki had this to say:

Great tutorial and awesome effect. Well seems like everyone is aware it [sic] pretty well but i am stuck with Step 2a when i dont understand once you say lure a T shape perimeter. Very great job… very easy to understand and i’m keen on the fact you truly return to people with questions… thank a person!!!

Thanks for your inquiry, Rikko — and I do thank a person or two every day, now that you mention it. And here I am, returning to you with your question, so thanks for noticing.

To get to the root of your problem, it would appear that you didn’t go on to read Step 2b, where I very clearly state that “If your radial inversion factor is less than 2.53, do not under any circumstances lure a T-shape perimeter, as you will most certainly fail. Instead, entice an R-shaped axis spinning on the Q circumference.”

I hope that clears things up.


  1. Vassilis says:

    A great idea to post and comment spam! Thanks for the laughs, before bedtime! Cheers!

    1. You’re welcome! Sadly, my spam filter got too good, so I don’t get many of them coming through anymore; otherwise, I’d still be doing these sometimes.

      1. Vassilis says:

        Mine vanished them after the first 100 days of use. I guess they have learning machines… Never mind, it is still an excellent idea and the way you comment is hilarious!

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