Apr 12

Reselect Rerun: The Corin Tucker Band


It turns out that I’m more crunched for time this week than I would have hoped (although really, I wouldn’t have “hoped” to be crunched for time at all), so I’m going to send you way back in time this week to my very first song post: “Doubt,” by the Corin Tucker Band (aka, the band of the non-Portlandia-starring former Sleater-Kinney vocalist). Way back to May 17 of last year, when you were no more than a twinkle in my eye. Which reminds me, Reselect.com’s first anniversary is coming up soon. But not so soon that you don’t have time to decide where you’re taking me to dinner.

So anyway, great song, crank it up! And with any luck, I’ll have more time tomorrow…


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