Mar 12

St. Vincent: “Cheerleader”

St. Vincent -- Strange Mercy

I'm having trouble breathing just looking at this…

One of the most interesting talents to appear on the scene in the past few years is St. Vincent, the nom de rock of Annie Clark, whose first album, the excellent Marry Me, came out in 2007. It was followed in 2009 by the equally good Actor, and then most recently, in September 2011, by the even more equally good (ha) Strange Mercy. That is to say, she now has three excellent albums to her credit, all worth checking out. She’s like a current-day Kate Bush, minus the sometimes too-precious moments, crossed with a good-sized helping of Alison Goldfrapp and PJ Harvey.

St. Vincent is literate, challenging, edgy yet smooth, and melodic — with an alluring confidence in what she’s doing. She has all the characteristics of an artist who is here to make a lasting impression. If you like Strange Mercy‘s “Cheerleader,” my pick for New Music Monday this week, a powerful song about being objectified and trying to be something you aren’t to satisfy other people, be sure to take a listen to the rest of her stuff — you’ll be very glad you did.

And take a look at this pretty awesome and somewhat creepy Gulliver’s Travels meets Venus de Milo video for the song as well…one of the best recent videos I’ve seen:


  1. zot says:

    Ms Clark is indeed an awesome talent. She can shred on the guitar as well.

    1. Cool — I’m hoping to get to see her live at the Sasquatch Festival this May…

  2. wow, it’s hard to find enough superlatives for this woman. she does remind me of kate bush in the way that kate (we’re on a first name basis) sort of blew people out of the water with her early records. She is just a vastly unique talent. I saw her in Ottawa just before Christmas and really wondered how she’d do all this live but great. and she can really get sound out of the guitar. i’m not so sure about the goldfrapp comparison but it’s pretty hard to compare her to anyone. PJ Harvey is puts you in the right hemisphere. maybe sinead o’conner for just doing music that’s almost indefinable (at least her early albums

    1. I agree, she’s hard to put a label on (which is definitely a good thing) — the Sinead O’Connor addition to my comparison is a great one.

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