Mar 12

Comment Spam of the Week: Feb. 27-Mar. 2


It was kind of a weak week for comment spam, I’m afraid. There was one very persistent spammer who commented on roughly 20 different posts with the same message in Portuguese. If I knew the language, I’m certain I would have been impressed. But aside from that, there was very little of interest, except for possibly the following:

An intriguing discussion is worth comment. I’m sure that you just write regarding this topic, may possibly not be considered a taboo subject but typically persons are too small to communicate on such topics. To one more. Cheers.

This was from “free ps3” — do you wonder what he was interested in spamming about? Not PS3s, as it turns out — that would have been too obvious. The spam link instead led to a YouTube video for free Apple products. Go figure.

In any case, Free (his friends just leave off the “ps3,” and I’m certain he wouldn’t mind me considering him a friend) makes an interesting point about people being too small to communicate on certain topics. I mean, just look at all those Whos that Horton the Elephant discovered living on that small flower: they had so much trouble communicating the fact that they were even alive. Just imagine how hard it is to communicate about music when you’re that small! And forget about trying to play music when you’re that tiny — you’d just fall right into the instrument.

Thanks, Free, for bringing such an important subject to light — maybe you would consider writing again next week about the difficulties of eating green food.

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