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This week’s Comment Spam of the Week is fresh out of the keyboard of one “Adriana,” whose associated spam link would like me to purchase “oculos feminino” — that’s “women’s eyeglasses,” for all of you who can’t click on the link because I have so insensitively banned Adriana’s posts from being shown.

Here, in its entirety, is Adriana’s spammy comment:

Thanks for share!

Doesn’t seem like such an exciting comment, right? Well, when you receive that comment on each of 13 different posts on your blog, let me tell you that the excitement level grows exponentially! (For the record, it appears that Adriana is a fan of: The Pretty Things, The Balancing Act/Captain Beefheart, The Innocence Mission, The Rolling Stones, Mary’s Danish, Gotye, Southern Culture on the Skids, Foster the People, Rufus with Chaka Khan, Beck, Steve Miller and Paul McCartney, not Journey, and, if you can believe it, last week’s Comment Spam of the Week post.)

All I can say to Adriana is this: Thank you for your enthusiasm, but it’s not me you should be thanking “for share”! You should have thanked the late Sonny Bono himself while you still had the chance — he’s the one who discovered her. And your spelling is a little off, by the way.

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