Feb 12

Comment Spam of the Week: Feb. 20-24


This week’s Comment Spam of the Week is fresh out of the keyboard of one “Adriana,” whose associated spam link would like me to purchase “oculos feminino” — that’s “women’s eyeglasses,” for all of you who can’t click on the link because I have so insensitively banned Adriana’s posts from being shown.

Here, in its entirety, is Adriana’s spammy comment:

Thanks for share!

Doesn’t seem like such an exciting comment, right? Well, when you receive that comment on each of 13 different posts on your blog, let me tell you that the excitement level grows exponentially! (For the record, it appears that Adriana is a fan of: The Pretty Things, The Balancing Act/Captain Beefheart, The Innocence Mission, The Rolling Stones, Mary’s Danish, Gotye, Southern Culture on the Skids, Foster the People, Rufus with Chaka Khan, Beck, Steve Miller and Paul McCartney, not Journey, and, if you can believe it, last week’s Comment Spam of the Week post.)

All I can say to Adriana is this: Thank you for your enthusiasm, but it’s not me you should be thanking “for share”! You should have thanked the late Sonny Bono himself while you still had the chance — he’s the one who discovered her. And your spelling is a little off, by the way.


  1. Pete Woods says:

    Hey just found this post. Our wordpress site is fairly new and in last few days have been spammed constantly by this pain Adriana. Seems all posts are coming from different I assume hacked emails. Do these sort of things die down eventually or carry on for ages?

    1. Dave Gershman says:

      They die down — and it helps to have an automatic spam-filter plug-in like Akismet operating in the background. And also make sure you have to approve all comments before they appear on the site.

      Good luck with the site!

  2. Steve says:

    I too have been “visited” by Adriana Rodrigues Nogueira on many occasions. Each and every one (and I think its now over 50 comments on ONE blog) has been trapped immediately by Akismet so I don’t know how much they’re paying the botnet masters to spam but its obviously being wasted.

    1. Dave Gershman says:

      Wow, you even got her full name…lucky you! Poor Adriana’s hard work is all for naught, sadly.

      1. Steve says:

        No, not really… Adriana rather foolishly registered the domain with her full name, address and phone number. She’s registered quite a few domains so I guess she thinks what she’s doing is totally legitimate.

  3. Nico Mollet says:

    I can’t get rid of “Adriana Rodrigues Nogueira” spams.
    My site is using IntenseDebate, with is supposed to have Akismet activated, and I still get a lot of spam from her websites.
    Do you have any good method to stop that? Thanks.

    1. You mean that the Adriana spam is getting past Akismet and being approved? If so, you should definitely double-check all your Akismet settings, or contact IntenseDebate’s support, because Akismet has been great at filtering out that type of spam for me. And if it is getting through, the second line of defense would be to make sure you have your comments set to moderated, so that you can approve them before they show up on the page…

      1. Nico Mollet says:

        I mean this Adriana spam is not detected as “spam”, but is in my “moderation” admin panel.
        So what happens, there are 100+ spams and actually 5 real comments I need to find in this mess.
        You are right, I will contact IntenseDebate, as I don’t have many options to setup Akismet. Thanks.

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