Feb 12

Comment Spam of the Week: Feb. 13-17


This week’s Reselect Comment Spam of the Week comes to us from “rossat,” whose spam link indicated that he’d apparently like me to know a bit more about hair removal, but I’m not biting, since I am A-O.K. with the rate that my hair’s falling out already. Instead, let me share a bit of his fascinating tale with you, verbatim:

My sister had this specific tiny very little dog that will refuse to move near everyone except the woman owner. A number of years ago, I was staying with my mother, and even with three weeks your dog would bolt to an alternative room on the sight connected with me. If my partner and i went also near the girl’s, she might bark to be able to high ecstasy until I went apart. . . . I returned to our aunt’s household, and went into your ex room. I set down and attempted to shut myself out of your world by pulling the particular duvet through my scalp, but…

And it was at that point that he blew any chance of me being able to focus on any more of the story, because all I could picture after that last part was the image of someone pulling a duvet through their scalp. Man, that’s got to hurt like hell. If he’d only asked, I could have told him that there are easier ways to shut yourself out of my world.

I was also somewhat interested to know whether it was the dog or “the girl” who could bark their way to high ecstasy, but I suspect that’s a story for a different type of blog.

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