Jan 12

Electric Six: “Danger! High Voltage”


Burning up the dance floor.

Wow! What an “adventure”! We’re now on our third day without power after the snow and ice storm that kept my family home from school the entire week — I’m only able to write now because I’m at the Bellevue Library, where they’ve just now got their Internet back up. As luck would have it, I had written the following post and was minutes away from posting it when our Internet went out, about half an hour after our electricity, so even with the UPS power backup, it was a no go. Anyway, the following is what I had written, and the part about wanting the electricity back is at least three times as true as it was Thursday morning!

Here’s what I wrote for Thursday…

Well, after 3 days of snow and snow days here in the Pacific Northwest, with everyone home from school, we now are sitting here without power, due to freezing rain layering ice on everything. I just happen to have the Wi-Fi hooked up to my “Uninterrupted Power Supply,” so we have broadband available for the laptops, allowing me to do this post. A little ironic that the day after going offline for the Internet blackout to protest SOPA, I’m now in an actual blackout.

So to save power on my laptop, I’m making this a quick post, and what better than a song I don’t have a whole lot to say about? And one that expresses my wish for the power to come back on? Yes, that would be “Danger! High Voltage” by Electric Six, from their 2003 album, Fire. It’s a crazy song that made for a great single, complete with Jack White of the White Stripes singing secondary lead vocals, and I suspect that despite a number of albums since then, they’ll be remembered as a one-hit wonder for this song. The only reason I don’t have a lot to say about it is because the song really speaks for itself — what more needs to be said? You love it or you hate it, I suspect.


  1. Judy K says:

    Dave, I hope the power is back on soon and that the kids (and Elisabeth) don’t have to go to school in July to make up the days.

    1. Dave Gershman says:

      Well, the choice of song must have worked, because the power came on just after midnight last night. Whew! And yes, there will be days tacked on at the end of the school year, but since it was already ending in mid-June this year, it shouldn’t be too bad.

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