Oct 11

Veruca Salt: “Volcano Girls”


All hail King Octo the VIIIth!

Not really much of a post to speak of today…I’m actually off chaperoning another overnight field trip for my son’s 5th-grade class, this time to Mt. St. Helens (!). So I figured it would be a good day for a related bonus song from Veruca Salt: “Volcano Girls,” from their 1997 album, Eight Arms to Hold You. It’s another catchy pop-metal blast, with a tie-in to yesterday’s “Seether” toward the end of the song, which also counts as another of their pop-culture references, this one referencing the Beatles (again, as with the title of the album):

I told you about the Seether before.
You know the one that’s neither or nor.
Well here’s another clue if you please,
The Seether’s Louise.

Think back to “Glass Onion” (“I told you ’bout the walrus and me, man,” etc.) and you’ll get it…

And let’s not forget the somewhat goofy video (but aren’t they all?) for the song:

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