Oct 11

The Cure: “The Lovecats”


Clearly showing concern for our cat as well.

I’m dedicating today’s post to our 16-year-old cat, Calvin, who has been hospitalized for a couple of days with renal failure. I’m sorry to say that it isn’t looking very good for him, and we’re preparing for the worst. So given that I’m a bit distracted about an unlikely “cure” for him, “The Lovecats” (released as a single by The Cure in 1983) seemed like an appropriate song to post. And likewise, I’m not really up for a full-fledged discussion of the song, etc., so just enjoy listening and send a few good vibes Calvin’s way while you do.


  1. Terry McDermott says:

    oh another home run. i’m hooked on this 15 minute break each day. i remember when this came and it was ‘that’s not the cure’ ‘that some sucky jazz who pretend tp be the cure.’ it was a crazy departure. but with a few listens that whole e.p. became a staple.

    and my best wishes to your cat and you

    1. Dave Gershman says:

      Thanks…glad you’re enjoying it! And the cat’s doing a bit better now, as you might have seen on the “Just Like Heaven” post…

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