Sep 11

The Beatles: “I’m So Tired”


Well…it’s an album. And it’s white.

It’s been a while since I posted about a Beatles song here (“You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away“), and today feels like a good day for another one — specifically, this one. After waking up with a sore throat Saturday morning, I had a full-on head and chest cold 24 hours later. As you might imagine, I still feel lousy today — and what better song to express feeling sick and tired than The Beatles’ “I’m So Tired”?

John wrote this one while suffering through a bout of insomnia in India and missing Yoko. It’s a slow, heavy rocker released in 1968 on The White Album, and features some great singing from John. Not that he is by any means an underrated singer — I think most of the world recognizes his talent by now — but I just feel like pointing out again what an incredible voice he had. Not many singers could sing a song in a tired voice and still have it rock so intensely. It’s also worth pointing out, as I often do in a more general sort of way, just how much the Beatles changed in such a short amount of time. It’s easy to forget that while they may have recorded 13 albums (depending how you count them) between the release of “Please Please Me” and The White Album, it was all done over the span of a mere 5 years. (And only 4 years to Sgt. Pepper — there are numerous comparisons that could be made.) The idea of changing and growing that much over such a small period is inconceivable nowadays — for one thing, very few record companies would support anything like that number of albums in 5 years. They’re too interested in milking each release for as long as possible. And for a second thing, well…it’s simply hard to imagine anyone being so wildly and successfully experimental and willing to change their sound so much so quickly ever again. The Beatles had the talent to make it work, and the public was willing to listen.


  1. Vassilis says:

    My favourite Beatles album (without the awful revolution 9, please). A great song and a great phase for the band, or individuals. I have rarely heard a better version of a beatles song, than the original. This means a lot I think. (Dylan has many songs, sung better by others…) The only band I can think with similar change in sound in 5 years (but only 4 albums under their belt) are Dire straits. From their first pub-rock-blues album to the almost progressive Love over gold, there was quite a change in their song structure and the only connection was the voice and guitar sound of Mark Knopfler.

    1. I have sort of a soft spot for “Revolution 9″…not that I go out of my way to listen to it.

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