Jul 11

Aimee Mann: “4th of July”


Aimee says: “To hear the song, press that button over THERE…”

I wasn’t actually going to post anything today, figuring that everyone (in the U.S., anyway) would be too busy to be reading stuff on the Internet anyway, but then I decided maybe I should go with a themed song for the day and just do a quick post. So I had to figure out which “4th of July” song to go with, and although there are a number of contenders, the two that best fit my usual criteria were the song of that name by X (actually written by Dave Alvin of the Blasters, I believe), and this one, by Aimee Mann, from her great 1993 album, Whatever. I ended up going with this one because if I had to choose which to take with me to a desert island, to use the overwrought metaphor, it would be this one, as well as for the fact that it goes a bit against the grain in terms of mood: celebratory day, very melancholy song. Maybe a little less obvious, which I usually consider a plus.

It’s a beautifully sad song of disappointment, loneliness, missed opportunities, and, mostly, anger at a past lover’s choices…sounds like fun, huh? Not really, but it will strike a chord for many people who have had a relationship fall apart beyond their control. And Aimee Mann, being the skilled songwriter that she is, couches it in a lovely melody that really underscores the sadness yet allows for a way out of it as well.

I had originally meant to save Aimee for a later date, as she has been quite consistent at putting out one excellent album after another, so don’t be surprised to see her here again in the not-too-distant future…

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