May 11

Game Theory: “Here It Is Tomorrow”


In case you missed it, “Game Theory” begins with the letter “G”

Game Theory achieved some level of success on the college music scene of the 1980s, but remain quite obscure these days — not unlike the band that was most influential to them, Big Star, although Big Star is now well known thanks to the number of better-known bands that they ended up influencing. Game Theory was based in Davis, California, and revolved around the talents of Scott Miller (later to also form the Loud Family, who are only marginally better known than Game Theory and still substantially less-so than Big Star). Miller modeled himself after Big Star’s Alex Chilton, but often mixed in more experimental sounds and song structures. At their best, Game Theory’s songs were mini pop masterpieces — albeit often including synths, which has had the result of not exactly making their sound as timeless as their musical forebears.

“Here It Is Tomorrow” is the lead track off their 1986 album, Big Shot Chronicles — a great blastoff to the album that I feel was a turning point in Miller’s songwriting and the band’s sound. Along with their double-album followup, Lolita Nation, it’s some of their best work.

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