May 11

Badfinger: “No Matter What”


I think she's pointing at you . . . run for it!

Badfinger was a very talented band with a dismal story. Pete Ham, the leader of the band, was a great songwriter, writing most of their big hits, but after years of getting screwed over by management and record companies to the point where the band was broke and unable to release their own music, he ended up taking his own life in 1975. (Bandmate Tom Evans did the same in 1983.)

They originally broke through singing “Come and Get It,” a song written by Paul McCartney for them after they were signed to Apple Records, but “No Matter What,” from their 1970 album, No Dice, just might be their best (“Day After Day” and “Baby Blue” are certainly close behind). Badfinger is usually considered a progenitor of the power pop genre, and this song is a prime example of that.



  1. Zwo says:

    I hear a lot of McCartney in this song.

    1. Dave Gershman says:

      True with a significant number of Badfinger’s songs…I think they absorbed the McCartney influence more than the Lennon.

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