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Apparently there's a two-headed turtle-donkey running around in Gillian Welch's soul, among other things.

I love Gillian Welch’s voice — she has such a soulful, “real” tone that her songs can’t help but strike deeper than most singers. Combine that with great lyrics and great guitar playing, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. I’ll be seeing her at the Moore Theater in Seattle this July. Not sure if she’ll be with her usual music partner, producer and guitarist David Rawlings, but either way it should be a great show!

“Look at Miss Ohio” comes from Gillian’s 2003 album, Soul Journey (maybe not the best title for an album, but who cares). The song evokes great imagery from the moment she starts singing…makes me want to go cruising around down South on a hot summer day in an old convertible.

The accompanying video here is an incredibly dull text-over-colored-background quick job that some fan threw together just to put the song up on YouTube…and this brings up another point about my posts here: I’ll typically post the song as an incredibly dull video like this rather than go for an also-available live version (of which there are many sometimes, as there are for this song), mainly because I want to go with the version of each song that caused me to fall in love with it in the first place. There are certainly great live versions of many of the songs I’ll post, but the arrangements are usually different, and trying to sort through which one is best would be quite a task anyway. So for videos like this, just close your eyes and enjoy the song…