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Doo Wop Christmas

More of a “Repo Man Christmas,”
if you ask me…

Here we are, Christmas Eve. A step away from the culmination of the big holiday season, and I didn’t really have a chance to get as many Xmas songs up as I’d hoped — partly because we’ve been spending the week in Hawaii, visiting for the holiday with my in-laws, and we’ve been pretty busy. I know, I can hear your sounds of sympathy even now…

It’s beautiful in Hawaii, of course, and as an alternative to Northwest rain and cold it’s a welcome change. But I have to admit that getting into the Christmas spirit is a lot harder here, for me anyway, simply because it feels so far from the right kind of weather, as I grew up in the Northeast. So I thought a good final Christmas song on Reselect this year (consider it a partial musical advent calendar, since it doesn’t go all the way to Christmas) would be “White Christmas,” in part to help remind me of the snow that I always hope for on and around Christmas. And the 1954 version by the Drifters is one of my favorites — they worked wonders in blending the song’s melody with the doo-wop style. If you’ve tired of the standard slow version, this is definitely the way to go (although the Darlene Love version on Phil Spector’s A Christmas Gift for You album is another great one).

Enjoy, and happy holidays to all!

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